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The Contract Employee's Handbook helps contract employees manage their careers, find their next assignments, deal effectively with employment agencies, and make more money.

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Original Online Version
  Launched 1997

New PDF Version
  (Under Construction)
  New Chapters Below

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*Chapter 1
    An Overview of
    Technical and
    Professional Contracting

*Chapter 5
    Resumes For
    Contract Workers

*Appendix A
    Resources for
    Contract Professionals

*Appendix B
    Glossary of Terms for
    Contract Professionals

CE Workshop
  The Knowledge And Skills
  You Need To Succeed

Bulletin: Avoiding Contractor Recruiting Firms

Bulletin: Inefficiency and Greed

Bulletin: Setting Your Rates

Bulletin: Are Your Approved Staffing Agencies Setting You Up For A Class Action Lawsuit?

White Paper: Someone Else's Employee

  Professional Association
  of Contract Employees

Contract Worker's
Bill of Rights

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The Contract Employee's Handbook is a veritable gold mine of information that can help you:

  • Find your next assignment and the one after that . . .
  • Increase your earning power . . .
  • Deal effectively with employment agencies . . .
  • Manage your money . . .
  • Build your own benefits package . . .
  • And much, much more.

The information is FREE, so START DIGGING!

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Originally published in 1997, and currently undergoing an extensive revision and update.

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An Overview of Technical and Professional Contracting

70 pages of completely new Material.

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Resumes for Contract Workers

Create a powerful marketing tool that will have potential clients begging for interviews.

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Resources for Contract Professionals

Annotated links and reference works.

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Glossary of Terms for Contract Professionals

Terminology and definitions.

I am updating The Contract Employee's Handbook. Soon you will be able to access the complete Handbook as a series of free downloadable PDF files that you can either read online or print, three-punch, and place in a binder for easy reference. I will add new chapters as I complete them. Enjoy.

- James R. Ziegler, Ph.D.


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 Contract Employee's Workshop . . .

The Contract Employee's Workshop is a one-day workshop that enhances and supplements my efforts to give Contract Professionals the knowledge and tools they need to succeed in the contingent workforce.

If you are currently a Contract Professional receiving contract assignments through a recruiting firm this workshop is for you!

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When put into action, the practical information you receive in the CEWorkshop can be worth tens of thousands of dollars in increased earnings during the coming year. You cannot afford not to register for this valuable workshop.

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The Contract Employee's Handbook is sponsored by P.A.C.E. -- The Professional Association of Contract Employees.

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 About P.A.C.E.

P.A.C.E.,, is a unique service for technical and professional contractors that I started after writing The Contract Employee's Handbook. P.A.C.E. practices what The Contract Employee's Handbook preaches. We are now accepting contractors in all 50 states as demand warrants.

Contracting through P.A.C.E. offers significant advantages when compared with traditional recruiting firms and pass-through agencies:

  • Higher total earnings: P.A.C.E. contractors receive a higher percentage of the billing rate.

  • Aggressive retirement plan: P.A.C.E. has the most aggressive tax-deferred retirement plan allowed by the IRS.

  • Reimbursed expenses: P.A.C.E. contractors can pay for their work-related expenses with tax-free dollars -- just like independent contractors.

P.A.C.E. is an employer of record and benefits administrator for independent professionals. P.A.C.E. is *not* a recruiting firm. As your employer of record we collect and pay the employer's share of payroll taxes. We provide unemployment insurance, workers comp, general liability and E&O insurance, and we issue an IRS Form W-2 at the end of the year.

- James R. Ziegler, Ph.D.
        Author of The Contract Employee's Handbook
        Executive Director of P.A.C.E.

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 The Contract Worker's Bill of Rights.

The Contract Worker's Bill of Rights, identifies generally accepted standards of professional conduct as they apply to contract brokers, contract employment agencies and others who assist contract workers in their relationship with the end user. The Contract Worker's Bill of Rights provides an objective standard by which to separate the good from the bad, the professional from the unprofessional, the ethical from the unethical, and the legal from the illegal.

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